Indie Funded- Mike Wojniak

Indie Funded- Mike Wojniak

Mike Wojniak was introduced to us two years ago. We covered his album Anima Mundi, and have been fans ever since. When I found out he was running an IndieGoGo  campaign to raise money for his new album I just had to find out more. Behold, our latest edition of Indie-Funded. It’s been awhile, but we’re so happy to give these artists the exposure they need to reach their goals. Keep in mind that the goal for these artists are to become successful full time musicians, not starving artists. They have quit their day jobs to create music and now more than ever they need the support of you, the reader.

Read the interview below, and of course don’t forget to donate to his campaign. Only 15 days remain, so don’t hesitate!

The last time we spoke was back in 2014 for your album, Anima Mundi. What have the last two years brought you as a musician?

These last two years have been building years since I’ve started my career as a full-time, independent musician.  I’ve toured the U.S. and Europe–and written and recorded a lot of music, both as a solo artist, and with my band, Alpenglo.  I have also started playing a lot more locally, which has allowed me to develop and grow as a musician.

 This new record you are campaigning for features songs compiled from your travels across the US and Europe. Can you tell us about a memorable moment that resulted in the creation of one of the songs?

One song, Rockie’s Feet, was inspired by a cross country tour I did a few years ago. It was one of my first trips to Colorado and I really fell in love with the mountains.  I wrote the song while staying in a cabin in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It’s not hard to be inspired when surrounded by beautiful landscapes.  The grandeur of nature and the vulnerability of its creatures is an overarching theme in this album, Ad Astra, which means “Into the Stars.”basn8625

Favorite place to play so far?

I have had the opportunity to play at a lot of amazing venues across the country and overseas.  I’m not sure I could pick a favorite, but I played a memorable show at this pub, Six Bells, in a tiny town in England, Bishop’s Castle.  Even though I was pretty far from home, and playing original music that a lot of the people there had never heard before, the room was full and the audience engaged. Later that evening, instruments started appearing from the backroom, and the whole place turned into a jam session with the local musicians into the wee hours of the night.

 There are more than a few options now when it comes to starting a crowd sourcing campaign.  What made you choose Indiegogo as opposed to the others?

There are a lot of different platforms out there, but they are geared toward different things and allow different levels of visibility and flexibility. I chose Indiegogo because it is geared toward short-term (as opposed to ongoing) fundraising, and it is a well-known platform where people go to discover new innovative and creative projects. It also allows for flexibility in the fundraising model.  Instead of an “all-or-nothing” campaign that only allows an artist to raise money if you hit your goal, for this particular project, I felt there would be a benefit to drawing any support, even if I end up falling a little short of my goal.

You’ve made it clear that you finance everything yourself, down to the microphones that you use. As a full-time independent musician I can’t imagine how tough that can be at times. Were there times you’ve had to make sacrifices in other aspects of your life for your craft?

Yes, being a musician has some definite pros and cons. One sacrifice is the consistent paychecks that come with a standard job. Being self-employed means some months are better than others, and I do miss paid vacations. However, being able to see beautiful places while touring is pretty awesome too.

Any parting words for the readers pertaining to your campaign?

I am really excited about this new album, and I hope you will be, too. I’ve been writing so much, and these songs are very personal to me. I really hope others can connect with them too. Every contribution bit helps, and I am so grateful for those who have already donated!

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