Mobile Steam Unit- Tank

Mobile Steam Unit- Tank

Last month we featured the boys of Mobile Steam Unit and their collaborative spoken poetry track, “Lumon”.  On October 30th, they hosted a release show for their new EP, Tank. Seeing as we’re fans we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share the EP with you.

Tank is seven songs (well six and one restaurant jingle but we’ll get to that later) of pure unadulterated Mobile Steam Unit goodness. Anyone who has listened to their music will know exactly what I’m talking about. Those who are new to the unit, I’ll try to break it down.

MSU masterfully combines elements of genres to create this hodgepodge of music that you can truly say is their own. Part jazzy funk, part country, and garage band the songs on Tank are heavily melodic and seriously groovy. Lyrically the content on Tank is nothing short of poetry. Speaking about human relationships both personal and interpersonal the album isn’t afraid to be introspective while also poking fun at society and our practices that we have come to consider normal. To top it off the band closes the EP with a jingle that they created for a restaurant they like to frequent after band practice.


The wonderful thing about Mobile Steam Unit is the balance they have achieved. They are serious about their krapht but still maintain a sense of humor. If that scale is tipped too much in either direction we would lose the magic. Tank showcases that balance and will leave you reaching for the repeat button.

Featuring Ivan Anderson, Cyril Guidard, Nino Moschella, Will Weston and Tim Walsh, Tank is available now through the band’s bandcamp page. Connect with them through their social’s and happy listening!

5/5 stars!

Album Name: Tank

Date Released: October 30th

Genre: Experimental

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Members: Sam “Brub” Huntington, Jeff “Jalfreezi” Manian, Patrick “Randy” Manian, Aaron “Steak Boy” Younce