The Daily Krapht – Prisca – “Skin”

The Daily Krapht – Prisca – “Skin”

Body image. It’s not a new concept, nor has it gotten any better as the years have gone by. If anything, thanks to social media, it has escalated. Whether a friend, sibling, child, parent, or you, yourself have dealt with body image, it’s something that surrounds us on a daily basis. What better way to tackle this tough, sensitive subject than through music.


Prisca, the singer songwriter out of Atlanta, is no stranger to Wordkrapht. We have been fans of hers for years now. She has an amazing, powerful voice that stops you in your tracks and demands your attention simply through her vocals. Last week, Prisca released the music video for her single, “Skin.” “Skin” is a truthful and empowering message to anyone going through body image issues. It is an anthem of sorts. It is a piece of art that has a purpose to lift the spirits of those who are fighting this battle. “Skin” is here to tell everyone listening to f*** the body standards. You are beautiful just the way you are. Sure, artists like Christina Aguilera have already brought us songs like “Beautiful” years ago with a similar message, but “Skin” is in a whole different ballgame on its own. When watching this video, especially Prisca performing the powerful words to this song, you can feel the pain as you hear every single emotion not only through your speakers, but as you watch those final moments of the video as tears fall down Prisca’s face. It’s more than apparent that Prisca has dealt with her own demons when faced with this topic.

“Skin” is the kind of music video that needs to be shared all over the world. With this song and video, Prisca is trying to erase the negativity and judgement we face as we look in the mirror, so we are asking all of our readers to pass along this message by sharing Prisca’s video on your social media platforms. You never know who may need watch and listen to “Skin” in order to fight through any negativity they are battling in their day to day life. As Prisca stated on her own Twitter account just days ago, “The more we learn to love ourselves, the less we will judge others.” It doesn’t get more powerful than that.

Artist Name: Prisca
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, pop, soul
Members: Prisca Strother