Zach Schmidt- The Day We Lost The War

Zach Schmidt- The Day We Lost The War

Zach Schmidt, a Pittsburgh native turned Nashville transplant has been tediously kraphting his craft. Travel, and collaboration has led to the creation of songs that pay homage to the tradition of folk music and the art of storytelling. Earlier this month, Schmidt released his newest labor of love in form of the album titled The Day We Lost The War. This album is everything missing from mainstream country music and folk albums. The Day We Lost The War tells tales of love found, lives lost and love winning over time. Schmidt’s music is inspired by not only his life experiences but the experiences of those he has encountered over his.

The track, ‘Dear Memphis’, features Kayla Schureman and is based on a true love story with a wonderful happy ending.

“Tom was a cattle rancher and had been for most of his life. He told me this story about how he was working in Mexico and his wife was living in Memphis at the time with some family. He would write her letters every day and at the end of every letter he would say, ‘Sincerely, I love you,'” Schmidt says. “I wanted ‘Dear Memphis’ to reflect a letter back and forth, just like the story Tom told me. I got my longtime friend Kayla Schureman to sing with me, to represent letters being exchanged. A few months later I had the chance to go work for Tom on his Texas ranch and, thankfully, he enjoyed the song.”



It’s stories like these that make this album that much more wonderful. Art inspires life and life inspires art, and there’s plenty of each going on throughout the songs. From Start to finish The Day We Lost The War gives listeners everything they could ever need. Honest, heartfelt storytelling layered over melodies guaranteed to stir up all the emotions.

The Day We Lost The War is available now. Zach Schmidt will be hosting his album release show November 11th at Howers in Pittsburgh. Those in the area, mark your calendars!

5/5 Stars!

Album Name: The Day We Lost The War

Genre: Singer Songwriter

Location: Nashville