The Daily Krapht- Mobile Steam Unit and Sparrow- “Lumon”

The Daily Krapht- Mobile Steam Unit and Sparrow- “Lumon”

When it comes to all things innovative we have come to count on Mobile Steam Unit for presenting their music with a dash of humor and truth at its core. Recently the guys collaborated with Sparrow to create a sonic experience that  brilliantly encapsulates 2016 in just four minutes and fifty one seconds.

“Lumon” finds Mobile Steam Music playing alongside Sparrow doing spoken word poetry. His phrases are short, sweet and to the point. Sometimes funny, other times enlightening “Lumon” is their truth, their vision and their way to dealing with America’s current  election situation.  Created as a live, organic experience the track should be the one thing you take 5 minutes out of your day to listen to.


“Lumon” is currently available only on bandcamp. Soundcloud and Spotify steaming will be available soon. If you’re in the Brooklyn, New York area next week we implore you to check out Mobile Steam Unit at Rough Trade NYC on the 30th for their EP release show/ Halloween Blowout with Rann, Los Elk and Ben Talmi.



Artist Name:Mobile Steam Unit and Sparrow X. Carter

Genre: Experimental
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Members: Sam “Brub” Huntington, Jeff “Jalfreezi” Manian, Patrick “Randy” Manian, Aaron “Steak Boy” Younce