Gee Bag- A Brief Introduction

Gee Bag- A Brief Introduction

London hip hop artist Gee Bag is now making his third appearance on Wordkrapht. On October 3rd, he released a mini-documentary that gave fans old and new an intimate look into the man behind the music and we are pleased to share it with you today.

Aptly titled, “A Brief Introduction”, the 14 minute documentary follows Gee Bag as he talks about his love for hip-hop, how it feels to create music (versus the feeling once it’s released to the wild), and his advice for his children (which, we should all take heed). Created by Addoink Vision, the idea to give a glimpse into an artist’s life was extremely successful and is something we would like to see more of.  Take some time out of your day to check out the video below, and then listen out for new music by Gee Bag and his collaborative group Gatecrasherz. All links to connect after the video below.




Artist Name: Gee Bag
Location: United Kingdom
Genre: Hip Hop