The Daily Krapht- Quinn Lewis- “Bridges”

The Daily Krapht- Quinn Lewis- “Bridges”

Quinn Lewis is an Australian born electro-pop artist, who now calls Nashville his home. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer, he is gearing up and getting ready to release his debut EP, Addiction, next month.13256488_1026664347413884_3783783449909223230_n

“Bridges”, the first single released off of the EP is infectious and just screams, “For a good time, play me!” Synth-pop meets R&B grooves, the track is a fantastic choice for introducing new ears to this exciting artist.

Addicted will be released October 14th. “Bridges” is available for streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify. As always, connect with Lewis on the social media links to stay up to date on all releases.

Artist Name: Quinn Lewis

Location: Nashville

Genre: Electro-Pop