The Daily Krapht- Owls of the Swamp- “Start All Over”

The Daily Krapht- Owls of the Swamp- “Start All Over”

Pete Uhlenbruch, man behind the band Owls of the Swamp is all about new beginnings and finding answers to life’s most important questions. After a trip to Peru, Uhlenbruch was inspired to explore topics like self-discovery and more all of which can be found on the yet-to-be-released EP Meteorite.


Photo By: Nina Cohagen


“Start All Over” is the second single released off of the EP, and is what we are sharing with you today. Uhlenbruch gave us some backstory to the making of the song,

“This song is about those inner impulses that compel us to ask the bigger questions about our life, and those precious few moments where we gain meaningful insight.”

“Start All Over” is atmospheric, and seems to ooze out of the speakers, entrancing the listener from the get-go. The repeating of the phrase “What are we trying to find?” throughout the song is oddly calming, and begs to be played over and over again. The song is just a preview of the extremely personal and vulnerable work that can be found on his latest EP, no doubt it may be his best work yet.

Meteorite will be released November 4th through Labelship Records. Stream “Start All Over” below, and then connect with Owls of the Swamp with the links given at the bottom of the page.

Artist Name: Owls of the Swamp
Location: Australia
Genre: Indie folk