The Daily Krapht- WTCHS- “You Own Your Bones”

The Daily Krapht- WTCHS- “You Own Your Bones”

Hamilton, Ontario experimental band WTCHS have a debut album coming next month and want to share the first single with you. This is the first new piece of music we are hearing from the band in over two years, and after a bit of kerfuffle. Lineup changes seem to be a normal occurrence for bands, but how about scrapping an entire album after it’s been tracked only to start over and record it again? That’s exactly what WTCHS went through, and after one listen to “You Own Your Bones” you’ll see that it was all worth it.   11391512_830296810399302_3387713523714620959_n


“You Own Your Bones” is a powerful track. Recorded in one take, it’s loud, eerie (the horns section is a brilliant and takes the track to a new level) and wonderfully melodic all at once. The guys were aiming for MORE with the new record (more noise, feedback, longer songs, more EVERYTHING) and after one listen to this track we can all agree they’ve achieved that and then some. This will not be the last you see/hear of WTCHS on Wordkrapht.

The album, She Walks She Creeps will be released October 28th on Sonic Unyon Records. Stream “You Own Your Bones” below, then connect with the band with the links given at the bottom of the page.

Artist Name: WTCHS

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Genre: Experimental, Rock