The Daily Krapht- Manwomanchild- “The Retreat”

The Daily Krapht- Manwomanchild- “The Retreat”

Earlier this month, Manwomanchild released the second single off of their album, Awkward Island.

For those who may not know it, front man and brains behind Manwomanchild, David Child is pretty spectacular at blending genres, and creating tracks that are fun but also intriguing.

Take “The Retreat” for instance. The song is a fantastical mix of new wave pop beats with garage rock riffs. Child marries the two so effortlessly it’s almost unnoticeable. Whimsical and gritty, the track is urgent yet takes its time letting the listener enjoy the ride. Speaking of ride, “The Retreat” makes the perfect driving companion for the last days of summer drives (minus those cheesy driving montages). Play it loud, press repeat and then go find Awkward Island, available now through bandcamp, google play and itunes.



Artist Name: Manwomanchild

Genre: Indie Rock

Members: David Child

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Label: West Cortez Records