David Wilson – Black Top Road

David Wilson – Black Top Road

Last year Wordkrapht featured Pennsylvanian-born singer/songwriter, David Wilson, when we reviewed his album, Songs from Wood Street, and we’re delighted to bring you his latest EP, Black Top Road one year later. Those smooth, calming vocals return on this four track EP with songs that are written in Wilson’s trademark style painting pictures for his listeners and providing a romantic undertone in a world where it’s sometimes hard to see the light through dark times.2637089

Black Top Road kicks off with the quick paced, catchy, country with a dash of rock style “Simple Mind (The Student Loan Song).” The title of this track is enough to interest most people because student loans are a very familiar topic to most of us. With a hint of Paul Simon and Tom Petty in his vocals, Wilson will have listeners chuckling as they listen to the way he describes this harsh reality in a fun, lighthearted way with lyrics like “Lord please help my simple mind, it’s worth a hundred grand.” The local Philadelphia music scene even took notice to this standout track when it got airplay on WXPN, a radio station known for showcasing local and national artists.

On “River Town,” Wilson’s vocals take on a familiar tone very similar to James Taylor, enough to have listeners double checking the name of the artist on the song that’s currently playing through their speakers. Wilson creates a mental picture of a rundown town where the people have left one by one over the years, and he has been left behind. Before you can feel bad for this poor soul, Wilson puts a romantic twist to this story with poetic lyrics like, “My love wells up and floods the banks, and my heart makes me forget the pain, of everything that’s left behind and this river town that’s running dry.”

Wilson continues to put an idyllic spin on unpleasant tasks like driving home after a long day in the office on the Americana style song, “PA 41.” When he sings, “the road that’s leading to the one I love, down on 41,” it’s clear that not only is Wilson’s wife a lucky lady to have this charming voice singing to her, but there’s no doubt that he is quite smitten with the love of his life and he proves it with his songwriting.

The last track of Black Top Road, “Philadelphia,” has also been featured on WXPN. With a much slower vibe, and Wilson taking a moment to showcase his skills in an impressive guitar solo midway through the song, it’s apparent that he is expressing his love and appreciation to an area he has settled in.

The Philadelphia area is clearly where David Wilson is meant to be and by the looks of his touring schedule, he is making a name for himself as a respected singer/songwriter with many years ahead of him. Black Top Road is another reminder of how gifted and well rounded of a musician Wilson is as he produces an EP with a variety of styles that will have his fans waiting patiently for the next album to be released.

Rating: 5 Stars!

Artist Name: David Wilson
Album Name: Black Top Road
Release Date: May, 2016
Genres: acoustic, folk, rock, country
Location: Wilmington, DE
Website: http://www.davidwilsonmusic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMusicOfDavidWilson
Twitter: https://twitter.com/davidwilson329