Katie Rose – Everything Yesterday

Katie Rose – Everything Yesterday

At the tender age of seventeen, Charleston native Katie Rose has already lived most of her life writing and performing on stage. On her debut EP, Everything Yesterday, she proves to anyone listening that she has a talent well beyond her years.2223

The first single, “Wonder,” begins in a delicate manner with Rose singing in a hushed tone along with a soft strings section and the piano on this ballad. She displays a vulnerability that is relate able to all listeners. “Wonder” is about the uncertainty that life sometimes throws at you and not knowing where you’re headed, but you are determined to make it through. Two minutes into “Wonder,” the musical arrangement of this track is an indicator of the hope that gets you through that struggle. It’s a very powerful song for such a young artist.

“Goodbye Song” is the quintessential break up song that is a must on any epic album. At the beginning of the song, it sounds as if Rose will be presenting her listeners with a sad love song, but after about thirty seconds, the beat kicks in and Rose’s attitude does a complete 180 with this rock track. With the ultimate sass of a girl who’s heart has been trampled on, Rose makes it clear that this ex-lover made a mistake and she is ready to move on. As you’re listening to “Goodbye Song,” you can picture a jaded teenager (or twenty-something, hell any age) singing into her hairbrush as she gets ready for a girls night out with her friends.

Rose ends Everything Yesterday with “Druzie (Along For The Ride),” a stripped down tune with a bluesy vibe and one of the best vocals on this album. Rose exhibits a wide vocal range on “Druzie” as she continues to show off her ability to channel a long list of emotions through each of her songs.

Katie Rose uses her years of writing and performing to produce a debut EP with a variety of styles and a lifetime of experience on each track of Everything Yesterday. This talented 17-year-old clearly has a lot to say and knows how to get her message across with beautiful songwriting skills. We can only imagine how much more talent is tucked away as Katie Rose grows as not only a musician, but as a person. You can bet that Wordkrapht will definitely be here to share her journey with our readers for many years to come.

Rating: 4 Stars!

Artist Name: Katie Rose
Album Name: Everything Yesterday
Release Date: August 18, 2016
Genre: alternative, pop, singer/songwriter
Members: Katie Rose Franyo (vocals, acoustic guitar), Rodney Liles Jr. (drums), Andrew Chalk (guitar), Patrick Burns (bass guitar) and Jay Clifford (strings on “Wonder”)
Location: Charleston, SC
Website: http://www.katieroseband.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katiermusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/katierosefranyo