The Regrettes – “A Living Human Girl”

The Regrettes – “A Living Human Girl”


At fifteen, most of us are trying to survive the day to day trials of high school while trying to find our group of friends to help lessen the pain of growing up, but not 15-year-old Lydia Night, the lead singer of a radical punk-pop group, The Regrettes. Lydia spends her free time writing powerful songs about respect and femininity. Of course, this isn’t the extent of her talents but for The Regrettes most recent single, “A Living Human Girl”, it couldn’t be truer. If you enjoy listening to The Veronicas or Kate Nash, you are sure to dig this group. “A Living Human Girl” resonates especially well with me because it encompasses girl power & the importance of awareness dealing with feelings and emotions – “I’m not a bitch for stating what is real,” is just one line of many in this track that make all equality feminists jump for joy. “A Living Human Girl” is an easy on the ears track that is perfect for your morning vocalization routine in the shower. At two minutes and thirty-seven seconds, this song keeps the message short & sweet, all the while keeping your attention surrounded by a kickass rhythm and sing-song vibe. “And if you ask me out, I’m still allowed to say no way”, is the most impeccable way to end a song as brilliant as this.

*directed by Steven Mertens

Date Released: July 2016

Genres: Punk, Garage-Pop, Rock

Band Members: Lydia Night, Genessa Gariano, Sage Nicole & Maxx Morando

Record Label: Warner Bros, Records

Location: Los Angeles, CA