The Daily Krapht- Sean Magwire- “Oh Belle”

The Daily Krapht- Sean Magwire- “Oh Belle”

Sean Magwire is no stranger to Wordkrapht. Back in 2013, Magwire’s music was featured four times with one of those times being included in our Hand-Kraphted sampler (yes we miss it too!)13407315_1035316996504654_1373795671948625464_n

2016 has brought a move to Boston and a permanent hiatus from his other project, The Lulabelles. Magwire decided to start work on his first solo album in a few years.

“Oh Belle” is the track Magwire shared with me and at first listen it’s quite different than what I was used to hearing. From the first licks and the hear the crooning ‘Oh Belle’ (Which is the name of his dog), we’re transported somewhere gritty and Magwire is commanding our attention. The track is feisty, playful and pure rock and roll. One listen may not be enough so don’t be afraid to

press repeat and play it again.

Those in the Boston area be sure to check out Sean at the Labor Day Weekend campfire festival. Event information can be found on Magwire’s facebook  page, link at the bottom!


Artist Name: Sean Magwire

Location: Boston