Sam Mooney – Find My Way

Sam Mooney – Find My Way

In October, 2014, Deepti Unnikrishnan introduced the Wordkrapht readers to the young, handsome and talented singer/songwriter from Mississippi, Sam Mooney. We got to know this charming and enthusiastic musician in his interview with Deepti, and we had our fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be the last time we heard his music. Well, a little less than two years later, Mooney has graced us with his presence in his second album, Find My Way.

The title track to Mooney’s latest album release is a song that many will be able to relate to. “Find My Way” has a slower tempo with an ongoing theme of the piano playing an essential role in Mooney’s signature style. His soulful vocals send a powerful message in this coming of age song about feeling lost, second guessing life’s choices, and wondering if you’re on the right path. Everyone goes through a time in life when they are trying to find their way and figure out what step they’re going to take next. Mooney provides the soundtrack if you’re currently going through this phase or if you need to look back at that time in your life and see how far you’ve come since then. The emotions behind the message of “Find My Way” are truly conveyed through his vocals with every word.

Mooney’s romantic side shines through on tracks like “Southern Starlight” and “Mississippi in the Spring.” On “Southern Starlight,” Mooney’s soulful sound encompasses a pop and blues vibe with a mixture of Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, and a touch of Marc Broussard all rolled into one. Mooney is clearly trying to woo this romantic interest with lyrics like “kiss me beneath that Southern Starlight.” While “Southern Starlight” is a more upbeat, well produced song, “Mississippi in the Spring” takes on a much more simplistic beauty with this arrangement. As the ending track on Find My Way, Mooney goes back to basics with less instruments (the piano and minimal input from the electric guitar) and chooses for his vocals to take the front seat. “Mississippi in the Spring” continues the romantic gestures with Mooney singing to his love who is far away, but he is letting them know that wherever he is, his heart is always right by their side.

With Find My Way, Sam Mooney has continued his impressive songwriting skills producing songs that are relatable to all types of listeners. While some songs may have common themes, each song has a different sound to keep his fans from getting bored. With songs like “Name,” one of Mooney’s influences, John Mayer, is evident as he writes songs that will make the ladies (or men) swoon and wish it was them Mooney was singing to (think Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland”). Find My Way is an album you will put on repeat and it will be on a constant rotation through your headphones.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars!



Album Name: Find My Way
Location: Oxford, Mississippi
Genre: blues, rock, funk, singer/songwriter