Animal Noise – Sink or Swim

Animal Noise – Sink or Swim

When listening to Animal Noise’s latest EP, Sink or Swim, the follow up to their debut album Run Loose (released in 2012), it’s hard to compare their style to anyone else you’ve heard. The trio describe themselves as “experimental indie,” which is probably right on the money. They have experimented with a variety of sounds to create fresh, unique music.

Animal Noise is composed of three insanely talented musicians. Lead singer and guitarist, Josh Sandifer plucks the guitar strings at lightning speed on each track and his voice has a dramatic characteristic that enables him to convey the emotions that go along with each message of every song. Percussionist Jack Gordon-Abbot doesn’t miss a beat as he accompanies Sandifer and bass player, “Birdy,” who also follows along with an EP full of quick paced songs that will have you interested from beginning to end.12799126_10154194017256549_4603895895457513585_n

The title track of the EP, “Sink or Swim,” starts off calm with hushed tones. At one point, strings enter the song to add a fuller sound until a powerful beat enters after the first verse and before the calmness enters again. The quick fingers of Sandifer on the guitar are mesmerizing even without physically watching him play. Gordon-Abbot’s equally quick talents on the drums assist in creating the tight sound.

“Bag of Bones” begins with the trademark lickety split plucking of the guitar from Sandifer along with swift taps on the edge of the drum. Sandifer proves he not only has fast fingers on the guitar, but could also handle the world’s most challenging tongue twister as his vocals match the speedy music arrangement of “Bag of Bones.”

Quick is the best way to describe Animal Noise’s sound on Sink or Swim. Every track has the listener sitting there wondering how a human being is capable of playing an instrument at that speed. At the same time, their music doesn’t sound rushed at all. Animal Noise has created crisp, original music for music lovers all over the globe. Sink or Swim is just a taste of things to come from this talented trio out of England.

Rating: 4 Stars!

Artist Name: Animal Noise
Album Name: Sink or Swim
Release Date: April, 2016
Location: Colchester, England
Genre: experimental indie
Members: Josh Sandifer (guitar, lead vocals), “Birdy” (bass), and Jack Gordon-Abbot (drums)