The Daily Krapht- The W Lovers- “Canyon Wind”

The Daily Krapht- The W Lovers- “Canyon Wind”

The beautiful thing about music is the ability to not only fall in love with it, but to fall in love while making it. That’s exactly what happened when Fleur met Wesley; two people from two parts of the globe coming together to make music. They fell in love, got married and now we have The W Lovers. Playing together since 2013, the duo is now releasing their full length debut album April 29th and we have a little taste of what’s in store.The_W_Lovers_Album_Cover

“Canyon Wind” is the first single and video released off of the album. Part live performance, part tour footage and 100 percent charming, “Canyon Wind” is a wonderful example of two people who are completely in sync with each other musically. Take a listen to the harmonies and it’s almost as if they are singing as one.

Take a listen below and see if you agree. If you’re in the Seattle area, The W Lovers will be playing their album release show next week (April 29th) at The Sunset.  Stay tuned for a full review of said album right here at Wordkrapht!


*Video directed by Lance Wells

Artist Name: The W Lovers

Genre: Americana

Members: Fleur Wood, Wesley Wood. Eric Van Allan

Chris Lucier

Patrick McHenry

Location: Washington