The Daily Krapht – Glass Mansions – “Matches”

The Daily Krapht – Glass Mansions – “Matches”

Glass MansionsGlass Mansions may be a new name, but they are old friends. Originally called Death Of Paris, the band felt that a name change was appropriate after events in Europe last summer. Despite the struggle to re-brand, Jayna and the boys tackled it with the same tenacity they have everything else in their career. They’re hard work made the transition look seamless.

The Glass Mansions “debut” is their new single “Matches.” While categorized mostly as an electro-pop band, they are no strangers to pushing into the area of rock. For those that enjoyed “The New Blood” off of their last EP, Gossip, this will be right in your wheelhouse.

Jayna Doyle’s vocals prove once again that you don’t need to scream to show power. She makes it almost look effortless. This is the first released song since the addition of drummer Johnny Gornati. Along with Patrick Beardsley’s guitar work, there’s a definite edge that is more prominent than ever. Blake Arambula’s synths and keyboards tie it all together.

“‘Matches’ is a tongue-in-cheek call-out about intention – both one’s own and the awareness of another’s misdirected desire,” Doyle said about the new track. “It’s darker, heavier and more rock-oriented than some of our songs, but it’s really personal and cathartic to play live. This is a song for the fans that have stuck with us over the years, through lineup changes, name changes, controversies and the bumps in the road of being in a band.” Look below for their next shows, and definitely go see them if you can.

4/21-4/23 – Lancaster, PA @ LAUNCH Music Conference
4/29 – Columbia, SC @New Brookland Tavern w/ The Spill Canvas

Artist Name: Glass Mansions
Location: Columbia, SC
Genre: Electronica, Power Pop, Rock
Band Members: Jayna Doyle, Blake Arambula, Patrick Beardsley, Johnny Gornati