Border Patrol- Toxic Thought Machine

Border Patrol- Toxic Thought Machine

Border Patrol isn’t your mother’s folk band. At first listen they seem to have all the qualifications of any other folk/Americana band out there. Banjo? Check. Harmonica? Check. Lyrics telling stories? Check. The one thing that really sets Border Patrol a part from the thousands of other bands out there in this genre is their thought process. Take a listen and look at the band’s March 2016 release, Toxic Thought Machine and things become a bit clearer. They are a folk band through and though with punk/nihilistic tendencies.

The band says it best when they describe their music as

“Surprisingly upbeat melodies about our impending doom and the monotonies of everyday life and love in this modern age.”a0907991815_10

Toxic Thought Machine couldn’t be a more accurate snapshot of life today. From working to afford your own death, to their own unique take on love at first site, this album is heavly lyrical and for that we love it.  Don’t believe me, take a look at the passage below taken from the album’s opening track “This World”


“I’ve got booze to shred my liver

I’ve got pills to fix my brain

Trash is boiling in the river

And there’s acid in the rain

We deserve whatever’s coming

It’s Foundation that we’ve laid

We won’t survive the world we made.

If you are a fan of all things tongue and cheek, cryptic or just downright sharp and witty, Border Patrol is the band for you.  Ten songs long each more stimulating than the next, Toxic Thought Machine is a home run from beginning to end. Available now on the band’s bandcamp  page, you have a choice of digital or physical copies.

Below you will find the band’s first video released for the title track, “Toxic Thought Machine. Press play and enjoy!

*Video Shot, Directed and Edited by Jesse Senko

Shot, Directed and Edited by Jesse Senko


5 stars!

Album Name: Toxic Thought Machine

Release Date: March, 2016

Members : Dave Toennies – Guitar Vocals Cody Howard – Banjo Vocals Walter Senko – Keys Vocals Ryan Haggarty – Bass Vocals

Genre: Folk



Band camp: