The Daily Krapht – Some Fear None – “Out Of Our Hands”

The Daily Krapht – Some Fear None – “Out Of Our Hands”

Some Fear NoneRecently, Sacramento’s award-winning rock group, Some Fear None, released their music video for the song, “Out of Our Hands” from last year’s album, To Live and to Die. This is the third video released from this album and brings yet another dose of excitement for the band (and their fans). As a fan, I am especially happy because this is my favorite Some Fear None song, so I am thrilled to see it out in the world and add it to my youtube rotation.

The video features vocalist Nathan Giguere in a house, doing… well, watch the whole video below. And check out some of my other thoughts about Some Fear None here.

I had a chance to catch up with the band and ask them a few questions about the video. This is what they had to say and find more about Some Fear None at


Q: Why did you choose this song to make a video for and why does it come after a song (Driver) that wasn’t on your album?

It was driven by emotion and an idea about how to visually capture the story behind the song, same as Driver. For SFN, songs happen, they are not planned or forced. It is no different with videos in my mind. And I wanted to direct it myself and not rely on another to capture my vision so I teamed up with Megatude Media who allowed just that to happen. We had a limited budget and little knowledge of how to shoot a “music video” so we relied on our eyes and gut: If it looked good and if it felt right. And that’s about it. It started with a tiny concept and grew as we went. No story board and it was cast on the fly (special thank you to Virginia “Ginnie” Jester for agreeing to co-star with me as well after we already started to shoot).


Q: What is the music at the beginning of the video that’s not on the album track?

In order to give us time to establish a mood and premise for the video I felt it needed an “Intro” which is approx. 1:15 min/sec in length. So we needed something to back that section of the video. I recorded rain drops, footsteps and all kind of sounds but I kept coming back to a simple piano piece that I had circling in my head. So, I set my iPhone 5s on top of the piano in my house and recorded it in one take, shot it over to Megatude, they dropped it in and that was that. They layered some ‘wind’ sounds under it for effect. I loved it from the start and still do.


Q: Tell me a little about the concept and ideas in the video. Where did they come from and how did you convey them in video?


“Out Of Our Hands” is the sister song to “Waves”, which is about two ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ type characters that tear across the country, coast to coast (waves to waves) bringing devastation and destruction everywhere they went in the name of passion and defiance. Out Of Our Hands depicts those same two characters, now in death, reflecting upon the actions and consequences of their lives. Having no more control over their destiny, they experience feelings of sadness, despair and even anger and rage. Knowing that what will be will be, Bonnie surrenders completely and drifts into her endless tomorrow. Clyde, as his final act of affection and in an effort to also submit his will fully, carries Bonnie to the river which is symbolic of the never ceasing flow of time, and there he lays her down offering them both up freely into the hands of The Maker. The underlying message is that even in death, it is not too late to receive varying degrees of redemption.


Q: You guys were recently (once again) nominated for a SAMMIE. How does that keep happening and what does it mean to you?

How does it keep happening? Because someone keeps nominating us I guess. That is how it works from what I understand (in a sarcastic tone) ;) It is flattering. Being awarded with the 2015 SAMMIE for the ‘Hard Rock’ category was awesome because it gives your fans a little something more to be proud of! They are invested in this SFN thing just like we are! We are not much for awards with respect to that being the end goal of our art, but rather our driving force is making good music, creating a great live experience and connecting through our art with our fans. If we are recognized by peers or other organizations for those efforts then that is icing on the already very satisfying cake!

Q: What is currently going on with SFN and what can fans look for in the rest of 2016?

Honestly, we have taken a serious look at what we want and have decided that we are focusing on having an enjoyable experience creating together and letting the results be what they will. We have an amazing network of fans and supporters worldwide (yes, worldwide) that continue to shock and thrill us with their energy and love. They share our music with a passion and an excitement that makes us want to give them more to experience and share!

  • We just released the music video of “Out Of Our Hands” and will continue to push that
  • Performing with Pop Evil and Devour The Day on 3/23/16 at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA
  • Attending the “SAMMIES” Awards show for our 3 Nominations on 3/24/16
  • Releasing a new single “Threshold” on 4/16/16 with a show at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA
  • Various late Spring and Summer shows and festivals yet to be announced

Artist Name: Some Fear None
Location: Sacramento, CA
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Members: Nathan Giguiere, Chuck Carrasco, Jason Weisker, Gina Salatino