The Daily Krapht – The Ivins – “Stockholm Syndrome”

The Daily Krapht – The Ivins – “Stockholm Syndrome”

The IvinsOur favorite boys from Richmond are back with a new video, and we couldn’t be happier. The Ivins continue to distance themselves from the pop sound that started with the Jim Ivins Band. Jack’s pounding drums are louder than ever, and the dirty bass riff that kicks off the track sets the tone for a kick-ass rock song.

Frontman Jim Ivins has worked hard to add edge to his vocals, and it pays off well in “Stockholm Syndrome.” If there was ever a question as to whether he can carry the power of a rock song, the doubters should be silenced now. The songwriting continues to mature, but they have not lost their ability to create a hook.

Of the song, Jim had this to say. “The song is about an abusive, one-sided relationship that everyone has been on the wrong side of. One where it feels like someone can do whatever they want and can just walk in and out of your life assuming you’ll just be cool with it. From my own experience and from people I know, I wanted to write a song from the perspective of someone who says you know what? I’m not going to put up with this anymore. I’m not going to sympathize with my captors and I’m not going to be your Stockholm Syndrome!”

The video is a mix of studio shots with live video taken over the course of the past few years. We hope this is the start of a great year for the Ivins. They plan to tour up and down the east coast this year, so keep an eye out for them, and check them out if they come to your town.

Artist Name: The Ivins
Location: Richmond, VA
Genre: Alternative, Rock
Members: Jim Ivins, Jack Ivins