The Daily Krapht – Coast To Coast – “Amiglia”

The Daily Krapht – Coast To Coast – “Amiglia”

Coast To CoastThere’s something about pop-punk that gets under your skin. Is it the heavy multiple guitar riffs that are tight and precise? The pounding drums and bass lines that get you out of your seat? The combination of hooky vocals and primal screams? Whatever it is, Coast To Coast has it all.

Out of Nayoga, Japan, they offer this lyrical video for their latest single “Amiglia.” Starting off with a lone guitar riff, it doesn’t take long before the band drops into that signature pop-punk pounding that offers the kind of melody that will play in your head for days.

The lyrics were just what this writer needed today – a swift kick in the ass.

Never giving up
Giving up on everything
Had about enough
Sick of losing everything

If you need a Friday kickstart, to vent, rage or just blow off some steam, let Coast To Coast help.

Artist Name: Coast To Coast
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Genre: Pop-punk
Members: Brent, Tomo, Matty, Yuichi, Lee