The Daily Krapht- Suntrodden – “It’s Never Over”

The Daily Krapht- Suntrodden – “It’s Never Over”

SuntroddenSuntrodden is the low-fi project founded by Erik Stephansson. The idea of Suntrodden came to him at Bonaroo in 2013, when Stephansson pondered what his next step in life would be. About to be a father for the first time, the world was wide open to him, and he channeled the positivity into his dream.

He began work on a three EP vision, the first being Suntrodden I which was released last week.

“I think they largely explore personal struggles and the way we overcome those challenges. I try to always look at the songs through an optimistic lens.”

 “It’s Never Over” is a peek through said lens, dreamy pop sure to cure the Monday blues. Written as a gently lullaby for his son, the darker tones behind the upbeat music give way to deeper meanings that can be woven throughout the series.  “It’s Never Over”  is Beach House meets The Beatles, a song not to be missed today!

Take a listen below and find Suntrodden on Facebook for more updates on the next release.

Artist Name: Suntrodden
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Dream Pop
Members: Erik Stephansson