Victoria Canal: Interview

Victoria Canal: Interview

Victoria Canal1Victoria Canal is the embodiment of why we do what we do here at Wordkrapht. Artists like her need to seen and heard. At just 17, Canal has already released her first EP, filled with so much soul and emotion that it’s bound to make you take notice. These songs you will hear on Into The Pull will not only inspire you, they will blow you away. After our first taste of her music a few months back, we couldn’t wait to sit down and have a proper chat with this up and coming artist. She told us all about what went into making Into The Pull, how many countries she’s traveled to and why she likes Twitter as a social media outlet best.

 Read the interview below, and then of course go buy the album which available to purchase on itunes,  or for streaming spotify .

*Editor’s note: The interview took place before Canal’s EP premiere show, which took place on Feburary 6th.

 Hi and welcome to Wordkrapht Victoria! Tell the readers just a little bit about yourself:

Thanks for having me! Well, Im a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Spain. Ive grown up living all over the worldI was born in Munich and have lived in Shanghai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Dubai, Barcelona, and more since. Travel, songwriting, and food are my three main passionsI was born to live on the road, write music, and try new things. I got into music mostly due to my American grandma, who taught piano for a long time. I would listen to her at four or five years old and eventually would sit up on the stool with her, deciphering melodies and rhythms. My favorite part of the day growing up would be sitting in the car, because thatd be when Id listen to what my parents or brothers would put on the radio. It was always a vast pool of musicfrom Queen to Nelly to Maroon 5 to Claude Debussy to Jason Mraz I mean, the list could go on forever. Ive always gravitated towards smart musiclyrically, melodically, interpretively just saying something artistically. I think thats what Ive always tried to incorporate into my lyrics and melodies something that really sticks and makes the listener feel all the feels.

Into the Pull is your new EP. Walk us through the process of recording it. What was the biggest lesson you learned while recording?

Originally, I had written a song called Little Girl (the fifth song on the EP) while at Berklee College of Music a couple of years back and brought it to the producers of the record (Jan Smith, Jesse Owen Astin, and Demond Mickens). It was a piano ballad written as an ode to people who have lost their innocence far before they should have. I wrote it to remind myself how important support for youth is, and how important their future is to protect. We went in and came out with this raw, beautiful track with soaring strings and just went from there to the other tracks. Id say each track is an experience on its own—”Unclear” is about wanting to procrastinate on growing up. “Wolves” is about fitting in (or really, not fitting in at all). “City Shoes” takes me back to a place of peace with someone I can never experience that with again. “Not Afraid” is a letter I wish had been written to me by that same someone. Each track took around a year to really nurture and develop to get to a place where I heard them saying what I wanted them to say. So I guess thats really what I learned while recording this projectsubstance is important to me, and that as a songwriter, I let my songs marinate in my subconscious until theyre as ready as theyll ever be. I also learned how excited I am to keep making music. Each time I make a record, I want it to be significantly better and more evolved than the lastthats all I can hope for.

Social media can help new artists connect with people, new fans and old friends from across the globe. Of all the ones you use which have you found to be the most beneficial and why?

I was actually just thinking about this this morning, so its funny you ask. I thought about how in fifth grade, I got assigned a pen-pal in class (someone who I believe lived in Minnesota, and I was living in Madrid) and loved talking about my life to her and listening to her storiestaking interest in getting to know each other from afar. When used right, social media has that incredible potential: I essentially have thousands of unique pen-pals, all whom take interest in what Im up to and like to share what theyre up to. How cool is that? As someone whos always traveling, thats such an awesome thought to me. To answer the question, Id say Twitter is the most fun to communicate on. Its witty, short, and quickI can share lyrics, jokes, ideas, cool videos, and hear fans opinions or thoughts in return, which I always find fun. Its just the most interactive. I also love Snapchat because its kind of like a live feed with no pressure on the fan to be there in that moment. As a fan myself, its satisfying to feel involved in whatever an idol of mine is doing.

February 6th is your first ever show in LA. What can those to attend expect to see and hear?

Yes!! I am so excited to be performing there for the first time. People can expect a stripped down, piano-cello arrangement of several of the songs off the EP and a couple of newbies! There are also four other amazing bands playing that night.

What songs are in heavy rotation at the Canal household?

Gosh, thats always a hard question. I listen to everything, all the time, so Im always afraid of leaving something out. Right now Im staying with my grandparents and they had a Best of Dean Martin CD on when I went downstairs this morning. When I study I either like to throw on a Pandora playlist (like an Emeli Sandé or Kodaline one) or listen to constant main influences like Matt Corby, John Mayer, Coldplay, Gavin DeGraw, Ben Howard, Tori Kelly, Bon Iver, Sam Smith the most magical thing about music is that theres so much. I usually gravitate towards subdued, melodically-driven and melancholy songs; but there are always the Justin Timberlake/Michael Jackson/DAngelo kind of days. Currently Im kind of obsessed with Alessia Cara. Shes one of the only bigger names I could actually imagine myself hanging out with and enjoying myself.

Okay, heres the short answer to the question: right at this exact moment, Im re-listening to Justified by the classic Justin Timberlake and In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith. I love to study albums, one at a time, and get as into the brain of the artist as I can. It really helps as a songwriter and expressive person in general. These two are exceptional, exceptional bodies of work.

Parting words for the readers of Wordkrapht?

Go get my EP, Into the Pull! Listen on Spotify! Tweet me about it! Ill be gooey and part with a quote I may or may not have just googled:

Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face. - Mike Tyson


Artist Name: Victoria Canal
Location: Madrid, Spain
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Pop,Soul