We/Or/Me – Everything Behind Us is a Dream

We/Or/Me – Everything Behind Us is a Dream

2029We/Or/Me (AKA Bahhaj Taherzadeh) may sound familiar if you’re a follower of Wordkrapht. In the last couple of months, we have featured two tracks off of We/Or/Me’s highly anticipated album, Everything Behind Us is a Dream, which is out tomorrow! At Wordkrapht, we pride ourselves in establishing and maintaining relationships with the artists we feature in order to continue supporting them through their musical journey.

Everything Behind Us is a Dream begins with the song, “The Dusty Roads.” Our very own Kerriann Curtis best described this first track when she said,

“‘The Dusty Roads’ is our first taste of the album, and what a delicate and delicious morsel it is at that. There is something so sublime in the simplicity of acoustic guitar mixed with little flourishes of harmonica. Whether it reminds you of Bob Dylan, or perhaps it’s so refreshing you don’t care who it reminds you of, ‘The Dusty Roads’ is folk at its best.

Well said, Kerriann, well said.

Hearing the title of another track, “The Long Good-Bye,” the listener may assume this will be a sad story to tell, but the beautiful combination of the piano and the strings section along with the sensitive, reassuring undertone of Taherzadeh’s vocals somehow presents some elegance in this sad goodbye. The song fades out in the last minute with the repeating lyrics, “it’s a long good-bye” which seems like Taherzadeh’s way of sending the message to the listeners.

In “Currents of Time,” We/Or/Me is posing many questions to the listener or maybe to himself. Questions like “do you lie awake with worries in the night?” or “do you stumble on your prayers?” are forcing you to engage in some personal self-reflection.

“Sea Wall” has a somber sentiment while Taherzadeh paints a picture so the listener can imagine this sea wall and the importance behind this place. It seems like “Sea Wall” is a place of solace where Taherzadeh reflects on the memories that took place here. While the piano is present in various tracks on Everything Behind Us is a Dream, it is the supporting actor in this story he is telling as it follows along with his voice throughout the entire song.

As you listen to “Gather Up My Bones,” the message could come off as a bit morbid when hearing the lyrics. Like in “Currents of Time,” Taherzadeh is asking a loved one questions as to what they’d do with his memory after he is gone. As morbid as it is to think about what will happen after we pass on, this is a topic most people ponder at one point or another. Musically, shakers assist in keeping the beat along with distinct taps of the sticks on the edge of the drum kit, while the sounds of an upright bass are very present on this track, as well.We Or Me

On the last track, “Slow Dance Dream,” We/Or/Me leaves us with a romantic, peaceful song to a lover who has gone away and he wants to know when they are coming home. Until his lover returns, he dreams of them being together as he repeatedly sings, “I’m tied to you” as a way of declaring his devotion. There is a dreamlike tone to the song with gentle plucks on the acoustic guitar playing along with the ever-present beauty from the strings section. A female vocalist joins Taherzadeh with harmonies to add another level of refinement to this charming track.

You won’t find any upbeat tunes that will have you bobbing your head or dancing along to the music on We/Or/Me’s latest album, Everything Behind Us is a Dream. You may not even sing along. This is an album to sit back and relax to. Everything Behind Us is a Dream is the kind of album that will force you to contemplate and have a moment or two of self-reflection. This album was deeply thought out in a poetic manner. Taherzadeh’s gentle, sensitive, delicate vocals portray the meaning of each track in the most beautiful way possible.


Rating: 5 Stars!

Artist Name: We/Or/Me
Album Name: Everything Behind Us is a Dream
Release Date: January 29, 2016
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Folk
Members: Bahhaj and friends
Label: Alaska Tapes/ Yer Bird
Website: http://weorme.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weorme
Twitter: https://twitter.com/weorme