The Daily Krapht- Inspired & the Sleep- “Die Slow”

The Daily Krapht- Inspired & the Sleep- “Die Slow”

InspiredandthesleepMax Greenhalgh and Bryce Outcault make up Inspired & the Sleep, a psychedelic/pop duo out of Oceanside, California.  While the duo make up the heart of the band, the revolving lineup helps to keep them on top of their game. Always looking for ways to improve, rework, and reinvent their sound, Inspired & The Sleep takes inspiration to a whole new level.

On the 12th the duo released their newest single off of their EP, Eyelid Kid. When they contacted us and told us about their special video, we were more than excited to share it with you.

“Die Slow” is a stop/motion video that took over a year to make.  Directed by Robert Crispe, “Die Slow” is a whimsical underwater journey that shows us yet again the art of the music video is alive and well. What can only be described simply as a labor of love, the song and video are not to be missed.

To celebrate the release of the video, Inspired & The Sleep has offered Eyelid Kid EP for free on bandcamp for this week only. Watch the video below, share it with a friend and then go get Eyelid Kid (Don’t be a putz and pay for it!)

Artist Name: Inspired & The Sleep
Location: Oceanside, CA
Genre: Psychedelic/Pop
Members: Max Greenhalg, Bryce Outcault