The Daily Krapht – Emilia Glaser – “Stone”

The Daily Krapht – Emilia Glaser – “Stone”

Emilia Glaser1Emilia Glaser is back with a new single, “Stone,” released today. Her deep lyrics and soul-baring vocals make us want to keep hitting play over and over when we get new music from her. Today is no different.

“Stone,” produced by Jay Pinto, relies on acoustic guitar, keys and soft drums to set the tone, but the addition of the organ is hauntingly beautiful. It plays so well with Glaser’s velvet-like vocals. The lyrics are profound, and dig deep below the skin. They are a perfect match for her vocal style, but then there are some of us who would be mesmerized if she started singing the items off a McDonalds menu.

Emilia Glaser is currently a hidden gem; one that your friends will stop and ask who it is when you play her music. And when you think you need more of what she has to offer, go listen to her May, 2015 release In The Trees.

You’re welcome

Artist Name: Emilia Glaser
Location: Fall City, WA
Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter