Under Dog House – The Dead Years

Under Dog House – The Dead Years

The Dead YearsWe have had a tremendous first week featuring some fantastic acts and our next band is no exception. Wordkrapht would like to introduce Under Dog House, a pop/punk band from Dallas, Texas.  In 2012 they released their first EP, A Little Older, A Little Wiser. Over the course of four years the band has shared the stage with Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Real Friends and more. They have also been hard at work making a new EP, and we got a listen before its release January 22nd.

The Dead Years is six songs deeply rooted in the band’s love for all things pop/punk. With plenty of pep and sing along moments to spare you’ll find yourself reaching for the repeat button.

The subject matter covered in The Dead Years may be anything but peppy, and discontent with life in general never sounded so good. From the opening track “The Dead Years”; A song about being stuck in a rut, to the newest single just released, the band is going through what we all are, and it’s nice to hear they may not have all the answers either.

Stylistically throughout the album the band teases listeners by borrowing from different styles of music just enough to hint at what they are capable of, yet still keeping the sound cohesive throughout. This can be heard prominently on the album’s closing track, “Just Another Day”. With a Mardi Gras inspired outro complete with horns and the band echoing in the distance; “Just Another Day” leaves us on a high note and excited for what’s to come.

Though the album is named The Dead Years, 2016 will be anything but for Under Dog House. With a spot on the So What Festival playing alongside bands like Underoath and Bayside in March (the 19th to be precise),  and a  California tour in the works for summer, these Texas boys are making every moment this year count and so should you.

To keep tabs and stay up to date on shows and new music announcements connect with Under Dog House on their social media sites (as always, links at the bottom of the page).  Once again, The Dead Years will be released January 22nd. While we wait for that, check out their newest single off the album, “Pen Island” below.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 stars!




Album Name: The Dead Years
Release Date: Jan 22, 2016
Genre: Pop/Punk
Location: Dallas, TX
Members: Jason Day – Vocals, Jesse Dunkin- Drums, Josh Rackley – Guitar, Alex Perez – Bass, Cody Walton – Keys/Tambo/Guitar/Dancing man
Website: https://underdoghouse.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnderDogHouse/timeline
Twitter: www.twitter.com/underdoghouse