By Light We Loom – Caught in the Tide EP

By Light We Loom – Caught in the Tide EP

BLWL1The last time Cleveland-based married duo, By Light We Loom, was featured at Wordkrapht was in April 2015 when we gave our readers a first listen of their debut EP, The Ignition. So, what better way to enter the new year than with another exclusive look at the duo’s second EP, Caught in the Tide, (to be released January 12th, 2016)?

By Light We Loom plays the role of musical scientists mixing a variety of sounds together to create a well produced formula in the uplifting anthem, “Scientist.” In a track that can be interpreted as a song of hope, we hear Shanna Delaney rocking what can be described as that indie-pop version of that Colombian firecracker, Shakira, in vocals that flow along with that musical formula with a touch of soul.

A pleasant surprise arises when listening to “Caught in the Tide” as the harmonies of Ryan Humbert and Emily Bates assist By Light We Loom. We have featured Ryan Humbert in the past and were excited to hear that these Wordkrapht artists are collaborating together.

The last track on the EP, “Cardinal” is a song that Wordkrapht is honored to release to our listeners. With more of an electronica feel, “Cardinal” is quick paced and has an infectious beat, which is a common theme of Caught in the Tide.

By Light We Loom’s second EP is full of uplifting songs that will keep you moving. While Shanna Delaney provides lead vocals on every track, this is a team effort as Eric Ling joins her not only in marriage but in the gift of harmonies that guide in creating the beautiful trademark sound that is By Light We Loom. Caught in the Tide is the perfect way to start off the new year on a high note and we can guarantee that you’ll be dancing your way through every note.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars!




Album Name: Caught in the Tide EP
Release Date: January, 2016
Genre: indie pop
Location: Cleveland, OH
Members: Shanna Delaney and Eric Ling