Captiva- Self-Titled EP

Captiva- Self-Titled EP

CaptivaCaptiva is a four piece band out of Kansas City, Missouri.  The band formed in October of 2013 while at detention in high school.  Throughout college the guys stayed together, and managed to find time to play while being students themselves. During the past two years Captiva has played numerous festivals including Backwoods Festival and SXSW. Recently the band even had the opportunity to open for the band Twenty One Pilots.

After spending time in 2014 working on their debut EP, the band is finally ready to share it with the world.  With the help of Tim Gutschenritter and producer Jeremy Wilson (Temple Sounds), the band was able to put forth an EP that they call an honest representation of who they are. We can’t help but to agree; with just four songs, Captiva has managed to give listeners a clear and concise idea about their sound.

The opening track “Road to Ruin” is guaranteed to get you on your feet and grooving. “Stimulating Freeze” has a tropical vibe while showcasing the band’s terrific harmonies. “Chemicals” is more down and dirty, and proves the guys are able to jam and execute different styles and sounds. The EP’s closer, “Sometimes” is by far the mellowest of the four, and filled with plenty of honesty.  JJ Ries’ vocals are warm and inviting throughout and will invite you to press repeat multiple times in a row.

Captiva is a strong debut EP that has definitely caught our attention. This is a band to watch out for, and we’re excited to be a part of their journey. With extensive tour dates planned for 2016, and a re-master of the album, Basement Creations, Captiva has their work cut out for them.

Believe me when I say you don’t want to miss out on Captiva. Listen below and connect with the band on Facebook, Twitter and more.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars!




Album Name: Captiva
Release Date: December, 2015
Location: Kansas City, MO
Genre: Alt-Pop
Members: JJ Ries (vocals, guitar), Pat McQuaid (guitar, vocals), Nick Riffle (bass), and Hank Wiedel (drums)