The Daily Krapht – Castlecomer – “Escapism”

The Daily Krapht – Castlecomer – “Escapism”

Castlecomer3We all need those moments of blocking out the world, while trying to find peace. Maybe some of us need to escape what we live through on a daily basis. Castlecomer has provided a soundtrack for those moments.

Frotnman Bede Kennedy stated that “the bright back-light shining through the band while we play represents escaping from the stresses of life. I wrote ‘Escapism’ while working in a boarding house for men with schizophrenia, and the track is a reflection on the human necessity to find ways to escape every day life – and for us that’s through music.”

Close the door and dance like no one’s watching. It will let all of those stresses go, and since there is no way you can sit still while listening, just go for it.

Today is a double feature, as the boys released the video for their track “Fire Alarm” as well. We had featured the track back in August, and here’s the visual to go with it.

Artist Name: Castlecomer
Location: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Folk Rock, Pop-Rock, Rock
Band Members: Bede Kennedy, Joe Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Pat Kennedy, Joey Neely