The Daily Krapht – Victoria Canal – “Unclear”

The Daily Krapht – Victoria Canal – “Unclear”

Victoria CanalWordkrapht is beyond proud and excited to introduce you to Victoria Canal .  A singer-songwriter out of Atlanta, Canal is striving to be a voice for those who may not have one. With her soon to be released debut EP Into The Pull, she is hoping to bring to light “themes of marginalization and discrimination toward social groups that struggle to find a voice in society.”

Victoria Canal is just seventeen years old, and is already facing the world with a compassion and kindness that is otherwise severely lacking. The last track on her EP, “Little Girl” is about human trafficking and victims of domestic abuse who have had to grow up faster than they should have. The track is a beautiful ballad, heart-wrenching and uplifting simultaneously. Canal’s vocals are filled with soul and sorrow, and can’t be justified until you listen. From her travels all over the world, to her own struggles, Canal does not have the same outlook and perspective as your typical seventeen year old.

Speaking of struggles,  she was born without her right fore-arm due to a condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome, and  plays a multitude of instruments. When talking about the adversity she’s faced, she’s see’s things a bit differently.

“People find this inspiring, but it is secondary to the music and artistry of what I do,” says Canal. “I have the confidence and the position to give a voice to people who wouldn’t ‘traditionally’ become performers.”

 Do yourself a favor and take a listen now to Victoria Canal’s first single, “Unclear”. If that doesn’t blow you away take a peek at the live performance of “Little Girl”. Both are just below. Don’t leave this page until you press play!

Into The Pull will be released in January, check back soon for the review.


Artist Name: Victoria Canal
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Pop,Soul