The Daily Krapht – Badlands – “Caramisou”

The Daily Krapht – Badlands – “Caramisou”

BadlandsBadlands is the brain child of Catharina Jaunviksna, and takes you back to the days when artists like Alphaville & Münchener Freiheit (known mostly as Freiheit in the States) were producing uplifting tracks that made you feel like you would live forever.

“Caramisou,” the lead single off of the Badlands spring 2016 release, leaves a candy-like taste in your mouth. It almost makes you feel like you’re back in the 90’s watching the final credits of a movie where Molly Ringwald kisses the most popular boy in school. Jaunviksna says, “It’s dystopian, but at the same time full of faith and sympathy. The cynical and dark lyrics contrast with the bright and positive melody.”

You can catch Badlands on the following dates:

11.21 – Kasbah Social Club – Limerick, Ireland
11.28 – Unitarian Church – Dublin, Ireland

Artist Name: Badlands
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Genre: Synthpop, New Wave
Members: Catharina Jaunviksna