The Daily Krapht – Dirty Revival – “Dirty Love”

The Daily Krapht – Dirty Revival – “Dirty Love”

Dirty RevivalDirty Revival is a neo-soul band out of Portland, Oregon. Together since 2013, their music has been compared to the likes of Aretha Franklin, The Roots and James Brown, just to name a few. Back in October, Dirty Revival released their debut, self-titled album and we have the first single to share with you today.

“Dirty Love” is the perfect song to shake off those mid-week blues. The band records all their music live as one to capture the magic of their performances, so what you hear is literally what you get, which in this case is a very beautiful thing.

 “The music was recorded live.  This is how we sound when we play; the underlying force and energy behind each track is the band playing and tracking together in the studio.  Most of the vocals were recorded live, too.  Dirty Revival  is just that, it’s Dirty Revival here; no tricks, layers, or studio magic – we performed these tracks and captured that in the recording.”

The band will be releasing the official music video for “Dirty Love” very very soon, so be sure to connect with them on all social media platforms so you don’t miss out!

Artist Name: Dirty Revival
Location: Portland, OR
Genre: Neo-soul
Members:  Sarah Clarke-Lead Vocals, Evan Simko-MC/Guitar, Terry Drysdale-Drums, Karl Ludwigsen-Keyboard, Jon Shaw-Bass, Chris Hardin-Tenor Sax, Jon Clay-Trumpet, Lisa Hasuike-Bari/Alto Sax, Kenny Drysdale-Bass, Luke Young-Percussion, Melissa Steinbach-Backup Vox, Sophya Vidal-Backup Vox, Archer Beckett-Backup Vox, Tim Drysdale-Backup Vox