The Daily Krapht – Kat Robichaud & the Darling Misfits – “Uh Oh”

The Daily Krapht – Kat Robichaud & the Darling Misfits – “Uh Oh”

Kat Robichaud4Let go, uh oh
What’s the worst that can happen
If we just went on with our lives?

It’s amazing how lyrics just find you at times. As big supporters of Kat Robichaud since before “The Voice” days, we have been seriously remiss in supporting the powerful songstress recently. Somehow, despite watching this video over a dozen times since its release in August, we had failed to cover it here at Wordkrapht.

The video for “Uh Oh” is the ninth time we have been fortunate enough to feature Robichaud. She is making quite the name for herself while living in San Francisco. She is bending rules, blending genres and using multiple ways to flex her creative muscles. So of course…puppets! With a Gremlin, a relative from Little Shop of Horrors and Hunter S. Thompson pounding the PBR, you can’t mistake the crazy. Is that one of the GoT dragons in the foreground?

Robichaud’s powerful vocals and theatrical style are ever present, and the message is something we all need to hear. I know I did today.

You can see Kat Robichaud 11/27 & 28 at the Dark Kabaret in San Francisco, and the Tim Curry Art Show at The Art Church on Los Angeles on 12/12.

Artist Name: Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits
Location: San Francisco, CA
Genre: Theatrical Rock, Glam
Members: Kat Robichaud