The Daily Krapht – Devereaux – “List It”

The Daily Krapht – Devereaux – “List It”

Devereaux “Not quite analog, yet not exactly electronic, Devereaux is the sound of W. Heyward Sims: a boy who grew up perfecting Led Zeppelin riffs in front of his Emerson CD player in the early 90s, now a man who laments the demise of the answering machine.”

Wordkrapht would like to introduce you to Devereaux, yet another exciting artist off of the Post Echo roster. Earlier this month the electronic artist released a new video for the track, “List It.”

The video, directed by Taylor Kearns is sleek, stunning and female fronted. It’s videos like these that remind us the art of the music video is alive and well, and not just for the big artists. The track is fresh and fierce and tons of fun.

“List It” can be found on Deveraux’s Pineapple Flex, which is available now for streaming on Spotify as well as purchase in the form of CD, vinyl and digital download.

Artist Name: Devereaux
Location: Columbia, SC
Genre: Electronica
Label: Post Echo