The logo that started it all on 11/6/2012.

Wordkrapht Celebrates Three Years!!!

The logo that started it all on 11/6/2012.

The logo that started it all on 11/6/2012.

Normally on an occasion like this our fearless leader, Victor, would take the reigns and say a little something to dazzle and inspire you, the reader. However, he has so graciously let me have a turn to introduce myself and be the voice of this special occasion.

For those who may not know who I am, my name is Kerriann Curtis and I am a writer here at Wordkrapht. To say that I love music would be a major understatement. I take what I do very seriously, because I care so very much about the gift of music that has been granted to us. On a less poetic note, some of you may also know me as the one who answers the emails. When helping to run a site such as ours we all tend to don a lot of different hats to get the job done. We are writers, promoters, salespeople, preachers, and fans. Most importantly, we are a friend to the weary independent artist, and Wordkrapht is their sanctuary.

With our third birthday already upon us we have seen the struggle and fight independent artists face everyday. Not only do we see it, we experience it as well. From the lack of funds, to difficulty finding exposure and a shortage of supporters, we’re struggling right there with you. I’ve found though that our biggest enemy is indifference. When people stop caring, it makes it increasingly harder for us to win the war against a lack of interest. This is a daily battle we face, but we have no plans on quitting until we come out victorious. We are fighting the naive notion that music starts on the radio and ends on Pandora or Spotify. It’s a war against the lazy attitude that it’s too much work finding an independent artist you like.

Emberghost was the first featured band on Wordkrapht.

We are bringing awareness and changing conditioned brains, that finding music can be as easy as going to your local bar or coffee shop. Better yet, it’s as close as your phone. With one click you can be connected to artists from all over the globe in just about every genre imaginable.

The Bossman’s Top Five Artists he’s covered:

  1. Grown Up Avenger Stuff
  2. Hey Anna
  3. Castlecomer
  4. Face The King
  5. I Am Apollo

This is more than just a hobby or a job for me, it’s a lifestyle. Wordkrapht is more than a website, or a blog; it’s a community where music lovers and artists themselves can call home. The majority of our readers are the independent musicians themselves. They have met other artists, toured together, collaborated, and admired each other’s work after finding each other through Wordkrapht. That is a very powerful thing. 

Senior Writer Kerri Curtis’ Top Five:

  1. Lavola
  2. Stacy Randol
  3. Besatree
  4. Bad Friends
  5. Kevin Pearce

Here’s to you, the ones who have been with us from the start. Let’s make this year even more amazing than the previous. For those who are new, I welcome you and I hope you like what you find.

Want to know how you can help? Like an artist you found on Wordkrapht? Let us know by commenting. Then go and share the article and artist with your friends. Pay for the music! Even if it’s free, help the artist by paying for something you’ve gotten enjoyment from. Those few dollars you spend may just be the money they need to fill their van to get to their next gig. Most of us spend our lives dreaming of bigger and better things. These artists are making that leap of faith to try and achieve that very thing. Your support could be the difference between recording that next track and giving it up for the stable office job. It’s not too late to help them. It’s not too late to help us Reinvent Indie.

Senior Writer Melissa Landrin’s Top Five Covered:

  1. The Clarks
  2. Tony Lucca
  3. Jenn Grinels
  4. Sarah Miles
  5. Amy Lynn and the Gunshow