The Daily Krapht- Art Contest- Tokyo Megaplex

The Daily Krapht- Art Contest- Tokyo Megaplex

Art Contest

Art Contest is a duo out of South Carolina. Their style is listed as probability and statistics rock and if you don’t know what that means, get ready to press play. The band just released a new single off their yet to be released album, Two Songs and man is it a doozy.

“Tokyo Megaplex” is a wild four minute trip mixing technical rock with this fantastic mid-song breakdown that’s freeflowing and dare I even say a bit psychedelic. The band hopes to reinvent the concept of math rock and technical music with their new album and this track shows they are certainly headed in the right direction.

The band also released a teaser for the album which can be found here.

Two Songs will be released in 2016 on Post Echo. For those in the Athens Georgia area, Art Contest will be playing a show on Halloween. Check in on their Facebook page for the where and when.


Artist Name: Art Contest

Genre: Probability & Statistics Rock

Members: Coleman Monroe, Garret Burke

Location: College