Indie Funded – Vincent Colbert

Indie Funded – Vincent Colbert

Vincent Colbert1We haven’t done an Indie- Funded feature in a few months, so when Vincent Colbert came to us asking for a simple shout-out for his first Kickstarter campaign on our social media pages, we were more than willing to go above and beyond what he asked. Questions were sent out for the interview and patiently we waited. Then something amazing happened. His campaign was successfully funded before we could even get the article out! We couldn’t be happier that a band of people joined together to help this talented artist from Colorado out so he could make a full length album. Not being one to shy away from any opportunity, we still decided to ask Colbert a few questions pertaining to his campaign and what was next on the agenda. Peruse the interview if you will and let us say again Congratulations Vincent!

Welcome Vincent! Tell the readers of Wordkrapht a little bit about yourself and how long you have been creating music.

I got my first guitar (a white Squier Stratocaster) for my 12th birthday. I remember a specific night a few years later. I was sitting in my backyard on a warm summer night in rural Pennsylvania watching fireflies. I had my guitar and was strumming some chords and began dreaming of being a performer and songwriter. I think that’s the night I decided to set out on this journey. I’ve been working on the craft of songwriting on and off since then, and I began taking it more seriously 5 years ago. I just turned 29 on October 7. My wife and I currently live in Denver, Colorado.

You are using Kickstarter for your crowd-sourcing campaign. Is there a specific reason why you chose Kickstarter instead of the others that are available?

I’ve had some good friends use Kickstarter in the past so the platform was familiar to me. I also think there is a bit more name recognition with Kickstarter, so it’s easier to explain what you’re doing and why. I honestly just don’t know much about the other platforms, but I’m sure there are some great ones out there.

One of the rewards comes with a coffee mug which I think is pretty cool. What’s your favorite local coffee spot in Colorado?

There are so many good coffee shops in Denver! My current favorites are Novo Coffee on 6th Avenue and Aviano in Cherry Creek. I’m still pretty new to the city so I’m sure I’ll be adding to that list!

We have covered quite a few campaigns over the past few years here at Wordkrapht, but yours is the first that got successfully funded before we were able to publish the article! Tell us, how many days after you launched your Kickstarter campaign did it get funded?

4 days! On day two I found myself obsessively checking the campaign every 10 minutes or so and it started to feel like the “watched pot never boils” kind of thing. I decided to disable all notifications from Kickstarter and only check it every couple days. A friend came up to me on day 4 with a grin on his face and asked “Have you checked the Kickstarter lately?” If it weren’t for that I would’ve missed it!   

I originally was going to ask what you were going to do if your campaign got funded, but now the better question would be how did you celebrate when you saw your campaign was funded in such a short amount of time?

I watched the Broncos football game and drank a couple beers with my good friend (and co-producer) Nate Bullis. It was a huge sigh of relief honestly. I had never done anything like this before, and it kicked up a lot of anxiety and fear. When you do a crowd-sourcing campaign you’re really putting yourself out there, and I don’t think I realized to what extent until I pushed the publish button on the campaign. It was all theoretical until it was live. 

I see now you have stretched your goal. What will be accomplished if you raise the $6,000?

If we reach $6,000 we’re pressing this album to vinyl! About a year ago I bought a nice record player and I’ve been slowly collecting my favorite albums on vinyl. It’s such a cool format, and in many ways more relevant these days than a CD. The problem is they are expensive to get made. Here’s hoping! 

How soon until you’re in the studio and recording the new album?

The crazy thing about all this is that I’ve already started making the record. That was the big risk in this whole process. I started it without knowing if I’d have to funds to finish it. We are done with core tracking (drums, bass, rhythm guitar). We have electric guitar, piano, vocals, and any additional spices left to do. I fly to Michigan on November 9 to mix the album with my good friend Chris DuPont, so I have a deadline! That’s always helpful. 

Lastly, can we cover the album once it’s released next year?

Of course! I can’t wait to share these songs, and I look forward to hearing what you think of it. 

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Artist Name: Vincent Colbert
Location: Denver, CO
Genre: indie folk, Americana, singer/songwriter