Thank You For The Music: Tony Lucca

Thank You For The Music: Tony Lucca

10665077_812878154221_5316727220004449744_nHouse concerts. This is a concept that many independent musicians have adapted to become part of their tour. They schedule a handful (or more) of off days during the tour and write up a post on Facebook or Twitter or through email to the fans offering an intimate, one of a kind setting in their living rooms. Mind you, this is not for free, nor should it be. House concerts have become a way for the indie musician to make some extra money on a day off on tour while also truly connecting with their dedicated fans and making new ones at the same time.

I have been fortunate enough to host a few house concerts in the last few years, all of which have been musicians we have covered at Wordkrapht – Jenn Grinels and Secret Someones. I have hosted Jenn twice and have considered her a friend since hosting that first one. When I hosted Secret Someones, they were all solo musicians who decided to come together to tour and sing each other’s songs while also beginning the process of writing songs together – which ended up becoming Secret Someones. All of these house concerts have been quite memorable and great moments in time, but last month I was able to host the house concert of all house concerts.

I first discovered Tony Lucca as a nine-year-old watching the Mickey Mouse Club on my family room floor every weekday at 5:30pm. While I was a huge fan of his talents on the show, I’m not ashamed to admit I also had a crush on the older boy from Michigan. I continued to watch the MMC until it was canceled in 1995. Then Tony appeared on a short lived series called Malibu Shores, which of course, I watched on a weekly basis. After the ending of this series, thanks to the Internet, I continued to follow Tony as he left television to pursue his career as an independent musician.

For a little over 15 years, Tony’s music has been in constant rotation in my car, on my computer, and now, through my iPhone. While I can’t remember the first live Tony Lucca show I attended, I will tell you that I remember the feeling of falling even deeper in love with his music after seeing him perform live. I can also tell you that I have been to countless Tony Lucca shows since that first one many years ago and each one was special in its own way. Thanks to Tony, I have also discovered a long list of other indie musicians who have toured with him over the years.

When we started this website nearly 3 years ago, obviously our main goal was to introduce the world to the many talented musicians out there that needed a platform and we wanted to support as many of them as possible. While we spend time describing their music and urging everyone out there to give their music a chance and take a listen, we don’t always write from the musician’s perspective on how websites like Wordkrapht and their fans are truly an inspiration and the oil that keeps them going.

IMG_2349Websites like Patreon and Kickstarter give musicians like Lucca a chance to give back to the fans by granting them access into their lives and providing fans with the opportunity to interact with the musician and give input as to what content the musician puts out there for the Patrons or Backers. Sure, as fans, we’re donating the money to the cause, but musicians like Tony make sure it’s well worth your money by creating raw, behind the scenes content that you aren’t able to find anywhere else. He basically gives the fans a free pass into his life.

Artists like Lucca take advantage of every aspect of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, etc) to interact with the fans…to show appreciation for each and every one of them. There are thousands of fans out there. Whether they are like myself and became a fan during his days on the MMC, or they became a fan when he was on Season 2 of The Voice or maybe he was on the same bill as another musician and they fell in love with him and his music like the rest of us. Either way, Tony takes the time to make sure each fan knows he appreciates all of their support.

So, back to the house concert. Tony brought along his band, The Rollaways, (bass player, Steve Bentz and drummer, Mic Capdevielle) and right as they rolled up in front of my house, I knew this was going to be a night to remember. They came in the house to meet my parents and check out the set up. (Mom was especially pleased when they stated how homey our house was.) In the middle of setting up and cracking open the first adult beverages of the night, my family and I started chatting it up with the guys and really got to know them. I almost forgot that they were here to perform. Once my friends and family started to arrive, Tony and the Rollaways spent time mingling with the guests and myself before finally getting the show started.

IMG_2375To say I was in another world, is an understatement. I soaked in every moment of Tony’s performance and hoped that time would stand still. He asked me if I had any requests (of course I did) and asked for other guests to give their requests. One of my friends requested a song he hadn’t played in years but he still attempted to play it, with the help of us devoted fans in the audience and some hand claps. The guys even interacted with my friend’s daughter who was loving every moment and spent some time dancing throughout the set. Steve made her night when he had her assist him with some strumming of the bass during one of the songs.

After the show, the party didn’t stop. The drinks kept flowing (probably a little too much for a Monday night) and the playlist kept going as we all hung out late into the evening/early morning. There were tons of laughs and stories that were told. We even had a break out dance session in the kitchen with a few of my friends and Mic, or as we dubbed it, Mic and his ladies!

As everyone started to head home, and The Rollaways settled in on our couch and blow up mattresses, Tony and I stayed up late talking and listening to music. While we chatted throughout the night, it really gave me a chance to get to know him not only as an artist but as a person. This wasn’t like any of the meet and greets after a show. Even though we had a good amount to drink, I remember every second of that night. Not only did I take the time to share how much his music meant to me over all of the years, but he spoke to me about how much he appreciated fans like myself who have supported him in more ways than one through all these years.

A little over a week after that memorable evening, I came home from another long day at work to a card in my daily pile of mail. The return address said, Lucca. A smile came to my face and I opened it immediately. It was a card from Tony and the Rollaways thanking me and my folks for hosting them. Not only did they thank us for the food and hospitality, but Tony also thanked me again for all of my support over the years. I’m pretty sure that will go down as one of the best Thank You cards I’ve ever received.

Tony’s music has been an escape from reality for me over the years. Through ups and downs, Tony has felt like a best friend getting me through each and every moment of my life. Whether it be the message behind the lyrics or his calm, soothing voice taking the pain away, he has been there every step of the way.

So, while this edition of “Thank You For The Music” has concentrated on the idea of how much artists like Lucca appreciate all of the support and how much they try to give back to the fans, I want to take the time to also thank him for not only creating music that has brightened my days and has brought such unforgettable memories while attending a countless amount of shows or for allowing me to escape reality when I need it, but for also becoming a friend. After hosting Tony at my house and spending some quality time with him, I can truly say that I consider him a friend as well as an amazing human being. So, for this, all I have to say to Tony Lucca is, Thank you for the music.



Artist Name: Tony Lucca
Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: singer/songwriter, rock