The Daily Krapht – Castlecomer – “Fire Alarm”

The Daily Krapht – Castlecomer – “Fire Alarm”

Castlecomer3Do yourself a favor. Look down below and click play, so you can listen while you read this. It’s OK, I’ll wait.

Trust me.

Welcome to four minutes of aural pleasures (you perverts!). For longtime Castlecomer fans, “Fire Alarm” is another step in the evolution the band. They are experimenting with new sounds and textures, creating a more intense experience for the listener.

“Fire Alarm” is a dance song at heart. It is sure to get the crowd moving during the band’s upcoming tour. The tempo hits you from the very start and rides like a roller coaster. It builds to the chorus and then pulls the floor from your feet. The bridge is a sweet interlude that builds on itself as if you are climbing that last and bigest hill on your thrill ride. As you ride that wave to the end, thank us for getting you on this bad boy with no line. Hell, ride it again. This track is highly recommended in multiple doses.

For our friends in Australia, Castlecomer is hitting the road. Go hear “Fire Alarm” and others at the following:

10/2: Black Bear Lodge – Brisbane
10/9: Goodgod Small Club – Sydney
10/10: Shebeen – Melbourne
10/17: Milton Theatre – Milton
10/24: The Phoenix – Canberra

Artist Name: Castlecomer
Location: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Folk Rock, Pop-Rock, Rock
Band Members: Bede Kennedy, Joe Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Pat Kennedy, Joey Neely