Zayyaf – North Star

Zayyaf – North Star

Zuyyaf80’s keyboard vibe – these are the first words that come to mind when describing 18 year old hip hop producer, Zayyaf. His newest LP, North Star, combines almost every element of music into each track. This long play album consists of twelve tracks, all of which have titles resembling space in one way or another, and are mainly instrumental. When the album starts off, you experience a trippy, surreal vibe which leads into a jazzy, electronic feel. Music comparisons give you a sense of understanding and the ability to relate to something realistic, but Zayyaf has a style all his own. His work can be described as ‘experimental’ and that word suits it well.

Two other beat artists, DIVERSA and VKRVM, debuted on the album as well. One great track, “true stars will shine forever,” which is number six on the album, happens to be mainly instrumental with techno elements and vocal overlay, that is interesting to listen to because of all of the different progressions and added beats. Zayaff stated that this album is based around the idea of finding inspiration in the stars and the incredible people that now lie with the stars, like 2Pac and Martin Luther King Jr. – “I created this album while searching for direction and encountered multiple layers of meaning behind the star. I felt as if I wasn’t fulfilling my obligation to reflect the shine the stars had given me. How could I call myself a star child when I never look up; I realized that I needed to find inspiration in the stars,” he stated. Almost all of Zayyaf’s work focuses on all of the incredible elements of endless Egyptian history, specifically the belief that humans transform into stars after death and were reborn into the “next world”. Overall, this album is rated a 4 out of 5 for it’s unique outlook and catchy tunes.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars!



Album Name: North Star
Date Released: May 2015
Genre: Jazz, electronic, experimental
Location: New Jersey
Band Members: Musa Zayyaf