The Daily Krapht – Merry Ellen Kirk – “Lovers & Liars”

The Daily Krapht – Merry Ellen Kirk – “Lovers & Liars”

Merry Ellen Kirk

Photo by Amber Nichole Thiessen

Merry Ellen Kirk comes off as a soft spoken girl with gentle looks and bright eyes. Her latest and greatest, “Lovers & Liars,” starts off sounding just as sweet and she looks, but this rising folk singer doesn’t accept such false assumptions. The further the song ventures, Kirk turns into fire and ice. She fiercely belts out sincerely honest, emotional lyrics filled with unmistakable passion.

“What if I told you my little secret
I’ve been in lock & key
Maybe I’ll let you believe what you want to
Easier don’t you think

Little puppet on a string
I had you wrapped around my finger
You believed we could be
Happy ever after”

Don’t mistake Kirk’s intensity for harshness though, the song is perfectly witty and upbeat. Merry Ellen’s 
voice scans over so many melodious ranges throughout the song that you get completely wrapped up in her style 
all together. “Lovers & Liars” can be found on SoundCloud. It’s the first single of Merry Ellen Kirk’s newest 
album, We Are the Dreamers, due to be out October 23rd of this year.

Artist Name: Merry Ellen Kirk
Location: Nashville, TN / Columbia, MO
Genre: folk, indie, pop