The Daily Krapht – Stacey Randol – “Quando La Cittá Dorme”

The Daily Krapht – Stacey Randol – “Quando La Cittá Dorme”

Stacey Randol2Considering this is the NINTH time we have featured Stacey Randol (including two CD samplers and a FeminINDIE feature), you might say we have a bit of a crush on the sexy songstress. “Quando La Cittá Dorme” is her latest, and while she likes to stretch and bend musical genres in her music, this is the first time Randol has tried a different language.

Italian, the language of love, never sounded so good. Randol’s sultry voice seems like a perfect fit for the romantic language. Translated in English, the song is called “When The City Sleeps.” It is a beautiful ballad about the wonders of the night.

Quando tutto si ferma
La luna ci chiama dal mare
Insieme per un momento infinito
É giunto il momento di ballare

Quando la cittá dorme
Noi balliamo nella notte
Stasera e per sempre

Quando il sole sorgerà
La nostra danza finirà
Ora ritorniamo in segreto
Solo per continuare a fingere

And in English

When everything stops
The moon calls us over the sea
Together for a moment that lasts forever
The time has come to dance

When the city sleeps
We dance in the night
Tonight and forever

When the sun rises
Our dance will end
We now return in secret
Only to continue to pretend)

How many of us live double lives hidden by the night? Strangers by day, yet lovers when the sun sets? Perhaps you lead a double life like many of the independent artists we cover (and us too), where we “pretend” by day at our job, but thrive at night chasing our passions?

Open your mind and let this song seep into your soul. It will provide a warmth this summer heat cannot touch. It will remind you of possibilities. Anthing can happen; especially when the city sleeps…

Artist Name: Stacey Randol
Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: Folk, Pop, Alternative, Jazz, Country, Indie, Rock ‘n’ Roll