The Daily Krapht – Lykanthea – “Parturition”

The Daily Krapht – Lykanthea – “Parturition”

Lykanthea1Lykanthea (aka Lakshmi Ramgopal) has been a constant on my review list (Sundrowned with Savage Sister and her solo debut Migration).   Hence, needless to say, when she shared her new music video, I was definitely on board to write about it.

Atmospheric and otherworldly from the very first note, “Parturition (from her album Migration) has the characteristic vibe of the Chicago-based musician. The dreamy black-and-white video, shot in Italy by Austrian artist Krist Mort, is completely on par with Ramgopal’s celestial vocals and the arresting humming that carries through until the end of the song.

As always, she was enthusisatic and kind enough to lend some insight into the video.

I asked about the unique song title and if there was a story behind it. “Parturition means ‘to give birth.’ The song ties into the album’s bigger theme of self-transformation and the idea that we live many lives within the one we’re given. The song is partly about this process.”

Was there a reason she chose Italy for the shoot? “(Not purposefully.) Actually, I live in Italy at the moment. I decided to shoot here because it has a lot of beautiful, ancient places that are ideal settings for visual reinterpretations of my music.”

I tell her I am a big fan of black-and-white photography and videos – there’s always a genuineness that comes across. She says the main reason “Parturition” was shot in a B&W frame was director Krist Mort. “Krist Mort (aka Kristina Feldhammer) only works in black and white, which she uses to tell stories in a deeply intimate way. I’m not opposed to color – in fact, the video for ‘Telos,’ another song from Migration, is in color. But it wouldn’t have worked as well for ‘Parturition,’ which has a stark, desolate sound.”

She shares her favorite memory during the shoot. “My favorite memory of shooting the video for ‘Parturition’ was sitting in the passenger seat of the car while Kristina bravely drove us through the streets of Rome on our way to one of the video’s locations. I don’t think either of us has had so many near-heart attacks in one day! “

Lykanthea – Parturition from Lykanthea on Vimeo.

She is currently finishing up her European tour as she looks forward to playing around North America later this year and in 2016.


Artist: Lykanthea
Location: IL, Chicago
Genre: ambient electronica