The Daily Krapht- Joshua Fletcher- “Oh Midnight”

The Daily Krapht- Joshua Fletcher- “Oh Midnight”

JoshuaFletcher“They’re about our loneliest hours; surrounded by the buzz of a city or alone in an empty house.  They are about the moments we share with the ones we love, about turning something brief into something eternal.  These are songs written from an inside-out perspective.  Songs that breathe and grow and shift and change as we do.  These songs will be the world’s introduction to Joshua Fletcher.”

Georgia native Joshua Fletcher grew up on a steady diet of punk.  Finding it difficult to maintain the punk attitude in the suburbs, Fletcher changed tactics. He always had identified with the underdog, and his music (specifically the music he made with his band The Knockout) reflected that.   As time went on, Fletcher changed the style of music he performed. Still from the standpoint of the underdog but with a bit more sophistication and passion, Joshua caught the eyes and ears of Alex Dezen of The Damnwells.  Dezen became one of Joshua Fletcher’s biggest fans and supporters, and even produced Fletcher’s full length album Ready Aim.

Ready Aim was released in May, and we have the newest single being released off the album to share with you today. “Oh Midnight” is an up-tempo acoustic track that feels right at home among the many other talented acoustic/singer-songwriters that we’ve featured right here at Wordkrapht. Each artist  we’ve featured have that something special that sets them apart from the sea of countless others in the genre, and Fletcher is no different. His music isn’t something you put on and just let it play in the background; “Oh Midnight” sweeps you up off your feet and leaves you wanting more.

Stream the single below, and if you like what you hear, connect with Joshua Fletcher on his social media sites and stay in the know. Ready Aim is available now on Itunes.

Artist Name: Joshua Fletcher
Location: Atlanta/ Nashville
Genre: Indie Acoustic