The Daily Krapht – SnowApple –  “Old Lady”

The Daily Krapht – SnowApple – “Old Lady”

Snowapple_Portret1Wordkrapht’s favorite trio, Snowapple, released a live session of their song “Old Lady” last month. Recorded in the sand dunes of Holland, “Old Lady” features those lovely harmonies we can’t get enough of along with a bit of operatic singing which elevates the track to a whole new level.  Playing out like a folktale, listeners will be hanging on to every word sung to find out more about this mysterious “old lady” and what has/will happen to her. Alluring and enchanting, it’s everything we’ve come to know and expect from Snowapple.

After touring 36 shows in 4 countries in support of their latest album, Illusion, Snowapple will be bringing their unique live shows to the UK for the month of July.

We also would like to say a congratulations to Laurien, who is now a Master of Science! The title of her research was “Patchy Colloids with Flexible Bonds for building Complex Superstructures using Critical Casimir Effect”.

  • Frome Festival on 3rd July
  • Porlock Festival on 4th July
  • The Old Blue Last (Vice) on 8th July
  • Adelphi Hull on 9th July
  • Choir Spa Festival in Whitby 10th July
  • Harbour Festival in Bristol on 18th July
  • Larmer Tree Festival in Sommerset on 19th July

Artist Name: Snowapple
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Genre: Folk, Pop
Members: Laurien, Una, Laura