The Daily Krapht – The Corner Laughers – “Fairytale Tourist”

The Daily Krapht – The Corner Laughers – “Fairytale Tourist”

10672347_10154641148145037_5799330543342187638_nAdult bubble-gum pop aficionados, The Corner Laughers, are out with their latest saccharin, yet sassy, release “Fairytale Tourist” from their new album, Matilda Effect, released earlier this month. “Fairytale Tourist” is a bouncy, frolicking jingle that draws its lyrics from references to Grimm’s “Hansel & Gretel”, and the infamous story of Cleopatra and her clandestine rug-delivery to Julius Caesar. The fancy-free and childlike humor of frontwoman Karla Kane’s lyrics lend themselves nicely to the subtly-surfy, buoyant musicianship of her band mates KC Bowman, Khoi Huynh, and Charlie Crabtree.

Let’s go out all dressed up fancy, make believe and take a chance on city lights,
Wander out into the forest like some Grimm’s fairytale tourist, see the sights.

Sprinkled with doo-wop “ba-ba-bas”, “Fairytale Tourist” is a bright walk down the sunny side of the street and just the first single on an album full of effervescent, summery tunes that are uplifting as well as intriguing. Appropriately named Matilda Effect after the phenomenon of crediting male scientists for work done by their female colleagues, Kane’s lyrics unabashedly glorify feminine attributes and famous historical females. Fortunately, this has not affected Kane as she alone is credited with her whimsical lyrics and indisputable skill with the electric ukulele.

The Matilda Effect would make a great addition to this summer’s road trip soundtrack with its upbeat, fun, sunshiny disposition and all-ages lyrics. A sure crowd-pleaser, we at Wordkrapht are happy to welcome The Matilda Effect into our summer library.

Artist Name: The Corner Laughers
Location: Redwood City, CA
Genre: Pop, Folk
Band Members: Karla Kane, KC Bowman, Khoi Huynh, Charlie Crabtree