David Wilson – Songs from Wood Street

David Wilson – Songs from Wood Street

David WilsonSometimes all you need in life is a man with his guitar. The simplistic beauty of those two factors is something we take for granted at times. The idea that these two can create something so pure and enjoyable is mind-blowing if you really think about it. Pennsylvanian-born singer/songwriter, David Wilson, is one person who does not take his voice and musical talents on the guitar for granted.

His latest album, Songs from Wood Street, presents a man with soothing vocals that will ease the soul and who also has an undeniable trace of James Taylor in his voice. Not only does Wilson have a voice you can listen to for days, but he has the gift of writing lyrics that create a mental imagery that will have you easily painting a picture in your mind of the story he is telling through music.

A highlight on Songs from Wood Street is by far, the ballad, “Ghost.” Peaceful strums from the guitar go along with Wilson’s quiet, calming voice that will have the listener drifting away. The best line on the entire album would have to be “the fire of love grew dark because our tears fell on the flames.” These poetic lyrics follow the theme to this sad love story Wilson is sharing about the ghost of a love that still lingers long after it’s gone, but you can’t help but focus more on the beauty of the song. He chooses the words to this song with such delicacy making sure that every word brings his story to life.

Wilson shows another side to his music on “Be My Darlin’,” with more of a country influence. His vocals even take on a country vibe adding a hint of twang into his voice. The track is fast paced with quick strumming on that acoustic guitar. He adds in some harmonies during the chorus which give you another reason to fall in love with his music.

Songs from Wood Street is the perfect album to press play while sitting around that campfire on a cool summer’s night. David Wilson has proved that all you need are a voice and an acoustic guitar to bring to life an album worth listening to over and over again. We can bet that his guitar playing alone will lure the listener to his next live show just to have the opportunity to be mesmerized by his talent.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars!




Album Name: Songs from Wood Street
Release Date: January, 2015
Genre: acoustic, folk, country, rock
Location: Wilmington, DE
Website: http://www.davidwilsonmusic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMusicOfDavidWilson
Twitter: https://twitter.com/davidwilson329