The Daily Krapht – Kat Robichaud & The Darling Misfits – “Why Do You Love Me Now?”

The Daily Krapht – Kat Robichaud & The Darling Misfits – “Why Do You Love Me Now?”

11255837_391743421011332_582286274461511797_oIf you have paid attention at all around here, you know that Kat Robichaud (The Voice) has been a supporter of Wordkrapht since our launch in 2012. You can even find her graphic design work here if you know where to look. We’ve covered her more than once over the years, including a five star review of her debut album , and an exclusive interview discussing her path from cover band to national television and beyond.

This is the seventh time (including one from The Design) we have featured her here, but it is not just because of a friendship started long before this website became a reality. She has been featured here so much because she embodies everything we believe in here at Wordkrapht. She truly is an independent artist. She fights and claws for every fan, every view, every “like.” She is the round peg that does not fit into the square hole, and for that and so much more, we love her.

The video for “Why Do You Love Me Now?” was released this week. Directed by her and Daniel Garcia, it was shot in one take (watch the video and then read this again). Inspired by the movie Carrie, it shows how people you trust can build you up, and then tear you down. The imagery is powerful and done just the way you would expect Kat Robichaud to.

I grabbed a quick minute with her to talk about the video and the initial response over the first few days it has been available. “I love how people are responding to it. Saying that they know how I feel. They know what it’s like to be bullied. And I just want to stress to always be yourself. Don’t change to make others happy.”

You can see Kat Robichaud at the following:

June 11th – Brick & Mortar Music Hall – SF
June 20th – Viracocha – SF
June 28th – SF Pride Main Stage – SF


Artist Name: Kat Robichaud & The Darling Misfits
Location: San Francisco, CA
Genre: Theatrical Rock, Glam
Members: Kat Robichaud